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Udemy: Linux Basics and Shell Programming Certification Training
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Udemy: Linux Basics and Shell Programming Certification Training

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End-to-end knowledge of Unix/Linux systems, administration
Prepare for CompTIA Linux+ Certifications
Shell Programming from scratch
Introduction to Unix/Linux
Unix filesystem (Linux Directories)
Linux Basic Commands
Handling files and directories
Working with vi (visual editor along with 3 modes)
Linux documentation
File utilities - Standard I/O, redirection and pipes, File descriptors, File access rights
Linux Utilities - Disk utilities, Process utilities, Text processing utilities
Compressing and archiving (backup and restore) utilities
User management, time management and shutdown
System administrative basics - Networking, File systems and devices, Package management
Shells and Shell Programming (BASH)
Command line interpreters and SSH
How to write a shell script?
Variables, Quotes, Test commands, Conditional statements, Repetitive statements
Conditional execution, Functions, Signal Handling
Commands such as kill, trap, shift
Command line processing and command line arguments
Processing command line options (getopts)
Utilities: cut, join, tr, awk, sed, uniq, grep
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