Google Play :"Silent Mode ᴾᴿᴼ (Camera Mute)".GRATIS

Google Play :"Silent Mode ᴾᴿᴼ (Camera Mute)".GRATIS

may 18º 2017
quieres quitar el sonido de tu cámara u otra aplicación? pues esta app te va ayudar

Supports silent mode according to the genuine camera shooting and set app.
Users of Android 7.0 (who) or later can quickly turn on / off with quick setting tile support.

* main function
- Support widget, quick setting, shortcut function, fast silent switching with one touch
- Silent automatic switching when running the set application
- Basic camera shutter sound silence support (no rooting required)

* How to use
1. Turn on vowel mode after installing the app.
2. Turn on the app you want to mute in Select the application to use silence.
(If you want to use only basic camera with silence, you can turn on only "Use silent when shooting basic camera".)

Q: Accessibility is not turned on.
A: If you have the ability to hide the entire screen of other apps that use the accessibility feature, policy is not accessible to other apps. Or reboot.

Q: I made a silent sound when I shot a basic camera.
A: You can not tell which is the default camera by changing the default camera for each phone. Check the default camera name at the bottom. If your primary camera is not the one you normally use as your default camera, you can select it directly from the app selection below.

Q: I made the setting and the camera makes a sound when I shoot.
A: Depending on the model, camera application execution events are all different. Sometimes it is not possible to set the silent setting automatically when the camera app is turned on because it is difficult to identify the event. If this is the case, try turning on the ignore system UI in advanced settings to reduce the complexity of the event. Please note that the camera app may be turned off and the silent mode switching may be a little slower after turning it on.

* This application is prohibited from malicious use. We are not liable for any consequential damages.
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Gracias @inquba por compartir. Intalada
Morocomay 18º 2017

Gracias @inquba por compartir. Intalada

​gracias Moroco
Como encuentran estas ofertas de gratis?
Ya me sale a $20
Me tarde
Igual a mi me sale a $20 pero aún así gracias por compartir, un saludo mi estimado inquba
gracias bro, para pillar sin q se den cuenta
eshopmay 19º 2017

gracias bro, para pillar sin q se den cuenta

​jajaja tu si sabes!!!
aldoomay 19º 2017


​gracias aldoo
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