Google Play: GRATIS  "Mirage: Illusions"

Google Play: GRATIS "Mirage: Illusions"

dic 26º 2017
Juego de Puzzle, resuelve los acertijos ópticos...... No confundir cuerpos femeninos...... En estado alcoholizado..... No es eso

What would it be like if the physics of the world went about how you perceived things?

Find out in this unusual spatial puzzle!

• 35 mind-bending puzzles for you to take on!
• 3 modes to play in: Relaxation - where you can explore levels, Endurance - to finish the game within the time limit and Time Trials - get as many medals as possible!
• Secret levels to unlock!
• Compete for the best times!
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Gracias por compartir.
Gabodic 26º 2017

Gracias por compartir.

Gracias mi gabo
A probar que tal esta! 😃😃gracias
Egomerodic 26º 2017

A probar que tal esta! 😃😃gracias

Muy bien!
Nuevamente! Mil gracias @inquba
Gracias x el aporte Bro
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