Google Play: GRATIS   "Material Daily Calendar Widget".

Google Play: GRATIS "Material Daily Calendar Widget".

oct 18º 2017
Un widget de Calendario veamos que tiene que ofrecer..... Instalado

Show calendar events for today/tomorrow
• Show next alarm
• Filter for calendars / all day events
• Quick buttons for adding calendar events, opening calendar app and setting an alarm
• Easy switch between today and tomorrow's events

All new material design
• Beautiful, configurable, resizable design
• Colors adjust to your wallpaper
• Colors adjust to system nightmode if active
• Icons for specific keywords like "birthday", "lecture",...

Privacy information
This app does not collect or transmit any personal information. There is no advertising in the app and there is no user profile created, not even an anonymized one. The app does not track or transmit any usage statistics.

Thanks to Giuseppe Pappalardo for the Italian translation!
Shoot me an email if you want to translate the app to your language, it's very much appreciated!
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Gracias Bro
Gracias por compartir +, Buenos días inquba
eshopoct 18º 2017

Gracias Bro

​Saludos eshop
Mary_Elenaoct 18º 2017

Gracias por compartir +, Buenos días inquba

​Buenos días Maria Elena
Gracias por compartir.
Gabooct 18º 2017

Gracias por compartir.

​Gracias gabo
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