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Udemy, Curso Python Bootcamp 2021
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Udemy, Curso Python Bootcamp 2021

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Otro curso para complementar sus conocimientos de Python o para conocer el lenguaje.


Este curso incluye:
31,5 horas de vídeo bajo demanda
81 artículos
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Learn complete python with basics, data science, data visualisation, desktop graphical applications and python for web.

Topics you are going to cover:

1.Python for graphical applications.

2.Tkinter - for building desktop applications and actually user interface.

3.Turtle graphics - for learning graphical design using python and to learn controlling objects in computer using keyboard.

4.Databases - for learning that how you can store the data of your games, apps and programs.

5.Python for datascience.

6.Numpy - Learn to create data in form of datasets and analysing data using python.

7.Pandas - To create data frames and analyse them and to visualise data in form of 3-D graphs and 2-D graphs.

8.Matplotlib - To create data visualisations.

9.Seaborn - To create animated plots.

10.Plotly and cufflinks - To create interactive plots.

11.Geographical plotting - To create global scale plots.

12.Python date and time functions.

13.File handling

14.Controll objects using keys.

15.Creating infinite graphical designs.

16.Functions and methods in python

17.Loops and conditionals.

18.Basics and datatypes in python.

What you are going to build in this course(Better if you see in the preview videos):

1.Caterpillar game with proper interface and keyboard control.

2.Smart calculator - Did not need to add symbols just give numbers and ask for any operation.

3.Your own routine database application with proper intrface.

4.An egg catcher game with graphical interface and keyboard control.

5.your own screen pet with gestures.

6.Match maker project.

7.Robot graphics.

8.Kaliedo spiral and modified kaleidoscope spiral(graphical design).

9.An automatic data plotter with more than 30 Types of plots.

10.A geographical baseman plot.

11.Big data analysis project(more than 60+ million data).

12.Artificial inteligent Tic Tac Toe(play against computer).

13.A Dictionary.

14.Hangmen game.

15.Dice rolling simulator.
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