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En pocas palabras: Esta app sirve para crear rutinas de ejercicios, repeticiones, etc. Ojalá les sirva, gracias por leer ❤️

New Lock Screen Widgets! Track your weekly streak or create a shortcut to Strongify immediately from your lock screen.

Meet Strongify, the easiest workout tracker app. Enter the number of reps and the weight you lifted in just a few taps. Create any exercise that you want and track your progress over time. Set up now the gym routine you deserve.


You can name your routines and exercises as you want. Don't spend that much time trying to find the official (long and boring) name of your workout in an endless list of exercises. Create a routine, create an exercise in it and you are ready to go! You know what needs to be done for your body and an app shouldn't make it difficult


Tracking your progress should be fast. In fact, Strongify does it in a few taps only! Are you going to the gym to look at your workout app? We don't think so! That's why Strongify will remember the last weight and reps you entered, which makes adding a workout fast and convenient.

Focus on the gains, we take care of the rest.


Check your progress over time with our charts. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your own improvement. Every time you go to the gym you will know how well you performed last time.

Outperform yourself week after week.


Share your workout with your social networks. You can also directly add them to your Instagram Story! We think you should be proud of what you accomplish (especially if broke your previous bench press max weight). Share that with style with our different cards:

- Total volume lifted
- Best set
- Progress over time
- Reps Only
- Duration


You can also track your planks, stretching exercises, or yoga sessions.


Another way to get motivated is to see how many times you've worked out this week or month. We included a calendar that shows exactly that. You can quickly have an overview of your past workouts and see exactly what exercises you performed on a specific day.


Everyone has different taste, we are totally fine if you don't like the default theme. That's why we included others. Prefer pink? Maybe black? We've got you covered!


- Easy and simple UI
- Fast, no more wasted time at the gym
- Efficient tracking of your workout
- Log your reps and weight in a few taps.
- Create any custom routines you want
- Support for imperial and metric units
- Track your progress
- Get relevant stats of your progress
- Multiple charts
- Reach your fitness goals
- Analyze your performance
- Share your workout to your Instagram Story
- See all your past workouts on a calendar
- Try themes before going Premium
- Get your dream body

A note from the developer:

I could never remember how much weight I lifted during my previous workouts. I wanted an easy way to track my workouts without spending too much time on it. I tried to create a simple, yet effective way to track my progress without bloating the app with useless features, I hope you like it!

Keep it Strong!
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    No sepo ingles 😞
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    Solo para iOs
    Tengo el Samsung s22 bro 🥲
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    Tiene un solo review y 4 ratings…
    Es muy chafa.
    Gratis pero no vale la pena.

    Gracias de todos modos
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    la bajare, ojala también se pudiera colgar ropa como en los aparatos del gym que nunca uso... va mi +
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    Gracias, creo que no lo usaré pero nunca se sabe cuando se puede ocupar jajaja
    Esa es la mentalidad
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    Descargado, gracias!
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    Alguien que tenga una rutina y la exporte para que la pase :v
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    muchas gracias muy útil siempre publican de android nunca de apple que bendición
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    Ojo no es gratuita… cuando la comiencen a usar en realidad lo van a descubrir
    Si desbloqueas el premium es gratuita, ahorita vale $0
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    La descargue pero no le entendí 😳
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    Es gratis o te pide ya adentro que compres o pagues membresía ?
    Es gratis creo, yo la descargue y solamente activas el premium
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    Muchas gracias!
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    Gracias!! GRATIS PREMIUM
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    ¡Listo!, aporte nivel GOD
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    Muchas gracias
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    Chafisima , la verdad ni gratis … mínimo pensé q vendrían imágenes o videos de rutinas
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    Buen aporte pero en funcionalidad no se siente muy buena, les recomiendo gravitus
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    Ya no es gratis.