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App Store: ¡GRATIS! Halo PDF (Make PDF documents‪).

App Store: ¡GRATIS! Halo PDF (Make PDF documents‪).

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App Store: ¡GRATIS! Halo PDF (Make PDF documents‪).
abr 26.º 2021
This is a PDF converter with no ads, clean, user-friendly and easy to use.
There is no limit to the number of converted pictures, you can select dozens or even hundreds of pictures from the album at one time to create PDF. And all are very high-definition output to PDF documents. Make sure the converted picture is clear. You can easily browse and share each converted PDF document.

Convert photos to PDF documents in 3 easy steps
1. Open the app
2. Choose photos
3. Press the Save as PDF button

Very simple operation, with HaloPDF, you can create perfect PDF documents in seconds. In the functional design, we go to the simple and simple, with this app, you will have more efficient productivity.

HaloPDF features:

* Simple *
We are designed to be simple and easy to use, with no extra features. (supported dark mode )

* Unlimited *
Convert multiple photos to PDF with no limit.

* Scanners *
Quickly turn paper files into hd electronic scans

* Fast and safe *
Every PDF conversion is done on your device, and all your images and files are stored on your device, without network conversion in seconds.

* Manage PDF *
All your converted PDFs will be viewed as a list in the app, which you can browse or delete.

* Share and print *
Converted PDF documents you can share and print.
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