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This app can paste Emoji to Photo as stickers.

Let's create an image that can be made only in the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad !

iPhone / iPad Universal App

Supports the color change feature for iOS 8.3 Emoji.

* Recommended system requirements:iOS6.1 and later and Retina display
When less than iOS6.0, please take the following two into consideration.
- The emoji on a button is not displayed well.

- The quantity of an emoji differs.
iOS12.1 and later: 1571 + Twemoji
iOS11.1-iOS12: 1495
iOS 10.2-iOS11.0: 1428
iOS 10-10.1: 1319
iOS 9.1-9.3: 1282
iOS 8.3-9.0: 894
iOS 6.1-8.2: 820
iOS 5.1-6.0: 780
Less than iOS 5.0: 458

Copyright 2020 Twitter, Inc and other contributors
Code licensed under the MIT License:…MIT
Graphics licensed under CC-BY 4.0:….0/
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