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Amazon Kindle: The Legend of Zelda: A Sword in the Time of Guns (6 volúmenes)

may 1º. 2022
Precio normal $35 cada uno. Es una novela que fue publicado serializado. Les dejo link directos de cada número.
Si alguno les falla, pueden buscarlo directamente en Amazon Cuentan con Wordwise.

“In this modern, dominating story, teenage foster-kid-turned-unwilling-adult Link sees literally nothing redeeming in himself or his future until he is pulled into an insane, staggering new life of power and duty. As he struggles to rectify his damning past with an opportunity to reclaim his future, Link finds that the world around him is sometimes just the surface of what really exists.

This book may have content unsuitable for some sensitive readers. Discretion is advised.

1 -…8-1

2 -…8-5


4 -…8-6

5 -…8-9

6 -…8-8
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