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4 Cursos de Udemy Gratis (en inglés): Android App Development, JS-ES6, CSS y HTML5
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4 Cursos de Udemy Gratis (en inglés): Android App Development, JS-ES6, CSS y HTML5

mar 5.º 2021

Esta oferta ya no está disponible. Aquí tienes otras opciones que te pueden interesar:

1. Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step)
Lo que aprenderas:
  • Android installation and setup for Android development
  • Concept of Layout and Views in Android development
  • Different ways to store your data on an Android device
  • Lists and Fragments in Android development
  • Trigger an Android notification
  • Build from scratch your very own Bluetooth Chat App to send and receive messages for Android

2. Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6.
Lo que aprenderás
  • Learn the basic concepts of modern javascript - ES6
  • Learn variable creation using 'let' and 'const' keywords and their scope
  • Learn where to use 'rest' and 'spread' operators
  • Learn what id destructuring
  • Lean functional programming in ES6 using map,filter,reduce,find, etc functions
  • Learn in detail about 'callbacks' and 'promises' along with chaining promises

3. CSS - Basics To Advanced for front end development (2021)
Lo que aprenderás
  • Basic styling of web pages using CSS3
  • Manipulate the display and position of HTML elements
  • Understand the Box Model concept
  • Introduction into Responsive Design
  • Design mobile friendly web pages using CSS Media Queries
  • Animate HTML elements using CSS animate property
  • Web page Layouts - CSS Flex Box and CSS Grid

4. HTML5 - From Basics to Advanced level (2021)
Lo que aprenderás
  • Learn to create simple web pages using HTML5
  • Learn the basics tags of HTML
  • To create Tables in HTML
  • To create customizable forms and add form validation in HTML
  • To include multimedia(audio,video, images) in your web page
  • To create your own vector graphics using SVG
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